Frequently Asked Questions:

How many dogs do you walk at once?
Our max is 3 and that's limited to all coming from the same household. Situations vary greatly. We like to be able to focus on your dog(s) during our walk to ensure their happiness and health.

Do you train dogs?
Although we are not certified trainers we are more than happy to work on basic obedience with you and your dog during walks. Feel free to ask for tips on home training or behavior. 

Do you board pets?
No, we do NOT offer in (our) home pet boarding. We do offer dog sitting (overnights and day visits) in the PET'S RESIDENCE. 

Who is coming to my house?
Either myself or an available Adventure Associate. The one who completes your meet and greet will be your primary walker/care taker unless otherwise specified. We get sick and take vacations too so it's nice to have back up!

For overnights, are you at my house the entire time?
Short answer, no. We do have other clients and our own lives to attend to over the course of 24 hrs so we will need to be able to leave for a few hours here and there. We do try to spend as much time as we can with your pet(s)!

"I need a walker today, can you come?"
No. We have daily clients that take priority so even with a flexible schedule, making a same day change can be very difficult. We are very thorough with our meet and greets and it is important to us that we make sure it is a good fit for everyone. There are contracts involved as well and we would not be comfortable with starting service before those could be signed.