Services Offered

All services are offered in the North County San Diego  city of Carlsbad. Pet Sitting is available in Bressi Ranch, North Encinitas, and Southwest Oceanside. Additional availability is based on location and scheduling. Contact to set appointments or make reservations. Prices subject to change, determined by situation. 

Additional info below.

Please Contact us with any questions or scheduling inquiries!

Walks begin from your residence and explore the surrounding area. Visits include a wellness check, clean water, etc. Additional dogs must live in the same household and be walked at the same time to qualify for discounted rate.

 -*Holidays Fee* of $5 when applicable.   

 -Each additional dog per household per walk -  $5

    15 Minute Walk - $15



    30 Minute Walk - $22



    45 Minute Walk - $30



    60 Minute Walk - $35

     Currently unavailable

Pet sitting is conducted at the pet's place of residence. All daytime sitting visits will include feeding, playtime, grooming, house care, etc. Visits will be time modified as specified by the owner. 

-Pets with extensive needs will incur an additional fee. 

-*Holidays Fee* of $10 when applicable. 



 -Each additional dog in household - $5 per visit

 -All visits are tailored to pets needs within reason.

 -Walks included in visits are 15 and 30 minutes unless specified


  • 1 Visit per day  - $25


  • 2 Visits per day  - $50

  • 3 Visits per day  - $75


    Cats & Other

 -Up to two pets included, each additional pet in household - $5

 -Fish, reptiles, birds will be counted per tank and various needs.

 -No live feeding of rodents unless specified, may incur delivery charge

  • 1 Visit per day -  $15

  • 2 Visits per day - $30

  • 3 Visits per day - $45

Hikes are taken on dog friendly nature trails around North County. Off leash dog park visits can also be substituted per basis. Harnesses preferable for small dogs. With transport time, dog will be out for around 2 hours depending on location. Proper gear and ID tags must be provided for all dogs. Water will be provided to dogs on hikes.

-*Holidays Fee* of $20 when applicable.



   Trail Hike- $50

   Additional dogs same household - $15 


-Specific hiking trails and dog parks may be requested within reason.

- If weather conditions are unfit for trail hiking, other arrangements  will be made for the safety of the dog and walker.

-*Unfriendly dogs will not be taken on hikes or parks due to liability.

Overnight pet sitting is conducted at the pet's place of residence. Each stay is tailored to the pets' needs. All care, 3 (15 & 30min) walks, feeding,  playtime, basic grooming, house care, etc. is included. Walks and visits will be time modified as needed during the day. Price is per 24 hours of pet care from time of departure and return home unless otherwise specified by owner.

-Pets with extensive needs will incur an additional fee. 

 *Holidays Fee* of $10 when applicable.

 Overnight In-House Pet Sitting - $90 per 24 hours 

    -2 pets included


 Additional pets per household 

   -Dogs - $10

   -Cats and other - $5