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My name is Emily Williams, I'm from Carlsbad, I've lived in this North County paradise since 1999 and started ToA pet service business in 2013. I have over 9 years professional experience working in pet stores previous to starting my business and a lifetime of experience with all sorts of animals. I grew up having (as my mom would say) "a zoo" and have used and practiced that knowledge countless times. I have extensive hands on experience with dogs, cats, fish (fresh and salt), birds, reptiles, rodents and insects. My dog hiking started as a hobby and smoothly transitioned into my business. I work well with human and animal hiking buddies alike, I'm always down for an adventure or hike somewhere new. I'm open to suggestions!

          I am insured with Pet Sitter Association and have a Canine First Aid and CPR certificate. Even though I'm not a certified dog trainer, I have worked with dogs for basic obedience and leash training with great success. I love to see how dogs blossom with the right training and conditions.

          My pack at home consists of two dachshunds (Moose and Cayde), two ball pythons (Dali and Poe) and an assortment of arachnids. Many of the hikes I have tested around North County have been with my mini dachshund, Moose. I'm physically able to hike for miles; I'm a very savvy hiker, and I couldn't dream of going out in the wilderness without a dog by my side. 

    It feels very natural to work with dogs; big or small, I love getting to know each one's personality and all of the various breeds. All of my clients' dogs are an extension of my family, I like to think they consider me their fun aunt. I really and truly LOVE my job.